Trucking and Farm Fleets Save Money With Retread Tires

You’ll be surprised to discover just how much retread tires can improve ROI for your commercial trucking fleet or farm operation.

When it comes to increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving ROI, nobody does it better than the logistics-minded trucking industry and farmers focused on the bottom line. With the economy steadily rising from the ashes of 2008’s Great Recession, the trucking industry is in more demand than ever before and America’s farmers are working hard to keep production levels high.

To keep parts, products, and produce moving on America’s highways and byways, the trucking industry relies on superior quality semi truck and farm and construction retread tires to rack up the miles roll over the furrows.

Even though oil prices have come down in recent years, there have been conversations within the tire industry and the world of rubber about potential shortages of raw materials — both natural and synthetic rubbers. With an unpredictable political climate and ongoing unrest the world’s oil-producing nations, it makes good sense to make the most out of your existing resources.

And retread tires do just that.

A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned: The Economic Benefits of Retread Tires

Industry publications such as Transport Times estimate that the saving per retread generally ranges from 30-60%. Unlike many other recycled products such as paper, retreads cost less than their new counterparts. In fact, the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau reports that the trucking industry saved more than 3 billion by using retread tires!

When tread wear and tire casing conditions are carefully monitored by fleet managers, the cost-benefit of retread tires can be tremendous. “Dollar for dollar and mile for mile, retreaded tires are a compelling alternative to virgin tires – especially when you look at lifecycle costs. It’s always difficult to use exact prices because of volume discounts, business relationships, etc., but the cost of retreading your own casings and remounting them can be half the price of a new tier-one tire. Consider that with proper inflation, diligent management, and a little luck with regard to road hazards, a casing could see two and sometimes three retreads in many applications (Trucking Info).”

For small- to medium-sized commercial fleets looking to streamline commercial semi tire recapping production or farm and construction operations looking to dramatically reduce costs by using heavy-duty recapped skid steer, pivot, or three-rib tractor tires, professional recappers have the solution and the inventory needed to get the job done.

Recapping professionals can help you assess your commercial inventory and help you think creatively about tire use. A commercial fleet with a professional maintenance program may be able to rotate tire use to get more life out of each tire. For example, after an original tire has met its life expectancy, it can be professionally inspected for safety and structural integrity and then retread and used once again as a drive wheel. When the retread drive wheel is ready for retirement, it can be recapped yet again and used on a trailer. Effectively getting 3-4 lives out of a single tire casing, the most expensive part of a tire.

Keep in mind that today’s mold-cured retread tires retain the characteristics of original equipment tire. Get more from what you have for much, much less.

To learn more about the benefits of retread tires both for commercial and personal vehicles, read our article on Why You Should Use Retread Tires. To see if we have the retreads you need, contact Tire Recappers today!